Autoplaylists 2017 user survey results

March 11 2018

In early 2018 I sent out a user survey for Autoplaylists for Google Music. My goal was to get a general idea of user satisfaction, as well as figure out what I should focus on next. Here’s a quick summary of the results:

  • ~30% response rate from mailing list, representing ~5% of daily actives
  • ~6:4 representation of free vs paying users
  • on average, users were likely to recommend it (NPS of 15)
  • on average, users found it reliable (4+ on 5-point scale of “never works” to “almost always works”)
  • common themes in feedback were:
    • syncing is opaque
    • complex autoplaylist definitions are difficult to manage

I don’t want to read too much into this - especially with a low response rate and over-representation of paying users - but in general I’m pleased with the results. The reliability data is particularly relieving, since I had my doubts going by my user support work.

I’m hoping to address both the common pain points this year by:

  • adding a syncing dashboard with past syncs and their results
  • adding a way to share common parts of playlists definitions

So, here’s to a successful 2018! I’m excited to run a similar survey next year now that I have results to compare against.

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